Welcome to the Portal of Divine Zone!

Welcome to the Portal of Divine Zone!

We offer you the moments of feeling heard, at home, accepted, and supported. We are the place where tears and laughter and ALL your EMOTIONS are welcome. Because the emotions are part of the Woman. We are the place where you have the opportunity to experience sensuality, exhilaration, humor, determination, bliss, pleasure, deep gratitude, silence, sacredness of the present moment, harmony, transformation!

When the deepest and most sincere part of us decides that way, we begin to realize that we don’t need to do everything alone or that great injustice is happening to us. You find out that this life does not have to be difficult or complicated. You become a conscious creator of your own life. Your highest POTENTIAL activates. You are no longer helpless - you BECOME powerful. And others can feel that too.

Our mission is to make sure you feel SAFE, CONNECTED TO YOUR SELF & WORLD and to feel RELAXED throughout time spent with us- and outside too.
With YOU&US synthesis, we explore together matter you would like to explore and the shift is happening from inside. Whatever you promise (to decide, to change or embrace), you promise to no one else but yourself. We guide you through the path of your being so you get the chance to remind yourself of being the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

With time, you encounter more and more SYNCHRONICITIES and you become more PEACEFUL, FREE, RELAXED; You get the feeling of PURPOSE and the feeling that you finally got HOME in this world and within your body.

Something triggered you to come to us; maybe it was pain, uneasiness, curiosity, or "you just came with friend". But in reality, you felt that something in you was waking up: your true Divine Woman.

Reveal her! Celebrate her! For the World would be deprived and poorer when you would not live what you feel you are destined for.

We're waiting for you with open heart

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