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The investment for one workshop is 50usd. The program Awakening the Woman within consists of five workshops of your choice; the investment for these 5 workshops is 150usd. Duration varies from 1hour to hour and a half.


In Femina Divina we believe that spirit- mind- body balance is crucial. In order to enhance this balance, we can add the elements of Kundalini, Yin and hips yoga movements if you wish.

My Divine Body

More than 90% women of all ages at least once a week think something negatively related to their own body. While these are devastating results, even women who wouldn’t want to change anything on their bodies are often not connected to it.
Today we live “from the neck up”. The sensations on our body are the most reliable source of information, yet we have become obtuse for our emotions and feelings. This is the common cause that we do not feel the signs of some major changes / anomalies on time.
Looking at our own bodies is sometimes not just cruel but incorrect: “You are too thin … too fat .. Ugly … Who would look at you? .. Why would they choose you???”
During these powerful workshop full of new challenges, we are practicing key things to awaken deep connection with our body. We face the beliefs that are actually imposed upon us, and we are practicing seeing our bodies with a different, completely new perspective.

Healing my Inner Woman

Womb is the place where the life and creativity of the world is born. Even if there is no womb as a physical organ, it is energeticly here, and it is the center of our consciousness in the female body. When the womb/cervix is ​​healthy, we feel deeply grounded, there is a sense of belonging, security and abundance, and sexual energy is balanced; our business and private life boom.
When the womb is unbalanced (for example, through trauma, fears, abuse, abortion, “modern slavery” – financial debt), this manifests itself through being in unhealthy relationships, lack of libido or self-confidence, feeling uncomfortable, physical illness, etc.
Throughout the workshop we will use various tools and techniques to raise the energy level of the uterus and connect the heart and energy center of the third eye. Possible benefits are manifested in feeling of belonging, greater self-confidence, increased creativity and energy, less incontinence, less menstrual pain and general health in the uterus area, healing of emotional wounds related to our sexuality, intimacy and femininity.


Women & writing: Flows of my River

For us women, creative impulse comes from within and demands from us playfulness – by releasing the limitations that we usually have- and opening new possibilities. Writing (especially in times when we have a feeling we do not know which path is right) demands attention to the process (appearances and changes), not the result. When we focus on the process we are going through, we become focused on our Being.
At each workshop of poetic expression we bring a different, interesting theme in which we are inspired by imagination, creativity, or expressing something that we carry in ourselves and it is ready to be transfused into words.

“Speaking of poetry gently and relentlessly “cleanses” once we sincerely dedicate to it. Women write because they know that words – as well as acts – have consequences. Speaking of our truth is worth the risk, because when we dare to give it the voice, we change the world everyday -for better.”


Metta meditation: Unconditional Love

Guided meditation of high vibrations that reminds us of the our Divine nature. Metta means meditation with purpose of developing unconditional love for all living beings. It is good to start with Metta from ourselves – first give the love and understanding and everything we think we lack- to ourselves. In the end, what can we offer if we do not have it for ourselves? Metta meditation workshop can have intention by your choice: for self-confidence, compassion and understanding, kindness and patience, and so on.


Suppressed emotions


Every thought creates a specific kind of emotion. Every emotion is seen as a stimulus in the body. When we identify ourselves with our thoughts or emotions, i.e. we think that we are our thoughts or emotions, we find ourselves in misery: we either create craving (for “positive” emotions) or aversion (towards “negative” emotions and stimuli). Manifested emotion is most often expressed through (undesirable) reaction or it is suppressed. If it is suppressed, it will wait for the next opportunity to get out. Sometimes only in the later age, when the body is less eager to provide resistance. In those moments we have the ability to think that the disease comes with aging, but this is not true. The illnesses that come are only the culmination of stored emotions and (sometimes very subtle) stimuli that these emotions have caused over the years or decades.

“In order to find a new world easier we need a map, so we can find a peaceful mind, we need a map of our emotions.” A simple but not easy goal is to be aware of our emotions. in this workshop we develop this awareness. Awareness of our emotions means understanding how and why they are caused, how we feel and how we react to them. Emotional awareness is by itself a strategy; helps us understand our emotional experience. In this workshop, we develop this awareness with help of Map of Emotions by Dalai Lama. Our goal here is not getting rid of our emotions, but rather to explore the strategies that help us to manoeuvre our emotions in constructive ways.


Setting the healthy boundaries: saying NO without guilt


Boundaries are crucial to maintain healthy relationships and a really healthy life. Unfortunately, this is the skill that many of us do not learn. We can see it here and there from our own experience or observing others how they do it, but for many of us setting (healthy) boundaries is a relatively a challenge. Well-set boundaries protect us. Without them, life is frightening and sometimes we feel anxious. Healthy boundaries mean understaning ourselves, our needs and respecting our own values. In this workshop, we gain new skills to set our own limits and thus achieve the goals more efficiently; we will feel more powerful, happier and more fulfilled, and others will begin to show more respect for us!


Living in the present moment


This workshop is full of exploration and surprises!
The wandering part of our mind creates for us a constant mizery: either through aversion to something we do not want or through the desire for something we want but we don’t have. This is because it is conditioned to be in one of the following areas: either it is constantly in the future or in the past. When we are in the present moment, we do not miss anything. Intuition expresses itself by giving us the solutions that are most beneficial for us. In those moments there is no place for anxiety (which we may possibly have for “living in the future”), regret (because we maybe “live in the past”) nor any other kind of “suffering” we have by living in the present moment.
Throughout the workshop we use techniques and tools that require our full attention as well as the activation of all our senses. We feel Life and everything around us fully: we see and feel all the beauty that we are not able to feel in everyday life. Nothing matters except the present moment, and just because we are “HERE” and “NOW” every experience we are experiencing gets a new, more intense, sacred significance.


Awakening of perfect lover


Sometimes we accept to be in a relationship with partner we feel deep down is not right for us. Or, we feel that it is time to leave this person because if we stay, we will not be able to accomplish our greatest potential: we get shackles instead of wings. We may feel fear or insecurity, and sometimes even comfort zone.
Shakti – as female energy and Shiva as male energy together form the Whole: the presence of Divine. When we miss one of these energies, we feel that we are not complete and we are constantly looking for something external or we think that someone/something from outside will fullfill out or give us what we want.

In this workshop we will go through deep self-awareness and remind ourselves of our own priorities. Shiva, the greatest lover of all, is in us and we are awakening him thru this workshop. Our inner Shiva is just a mirror that will attract the same, external lover. They will recognize one another 🙂 


I am Myself: fierce and liberated!


Every woman embodies several feminine archetypes. Unfortunately, some of us (either because of shame or guilt) detached from them or forgot that- which sometimes may bring sense of incompleteness or feeling that we are not the creators of our happiness, pleasure and peace.
In this workshop, we discover seven feminine archetypes: The Seductress, the Mother, the Lady, the Virgin, the Lioness, the Mystic, and the Sanguin. We may recognize them as our strength, some will sound a brand new and some of them will appear as real challenge. In any case, as we discover them, we begin to understand how they can work for us, how we can restore those parts of us we feel are missing, and how to  take destiny into our own hands. Archetypes are also a reflection of how the world sees us.
Feeling again as a Whole Woman we can again experience and feel the joy of life, the power of Women, inner peace and abundance.


Overcoming the powerlessness

20.04.18. (Pet), 18.30-21h 

Kali is a mighty goddess (the name of the energy) known for bringing ends and transformation. It’s energy is exceptional for cleansing blocks and stagnation. We call upon her when we consider necessary to end unproductive and/or destructive cycles and purify the path for new things. She is like a hurricane or a volcano that cleanses everything that had to be cleaned long ago but maybe we didn’t have strength.

In workshop we pass through “little deaths” – feeling that something that does not belong to us falls off; layer which is peeling -that was on us and we did not need it. What we have been holding on to and thinking that we can’t do without it, and look at the miracle: when we have are left without it, we have not failed but became stronger. The world then seemed fresher. More vivid. Breathing and being easier. Priorities replaced.
In this workshop we embody Kali so that everything what does not serve us finally releases, increasing awareness of our own creation of our living or face something we didn’t have courage to face for a long time.


Yoga nidra: Dreams’ Manifestation


The first step in realizing dreams is setting goals”. Tony Robins

What would we wish for if we would knew we can not fail? This workshop is inspired by Nidra yoga: the state of consciousness between waking (when we are falling asleep) and sleep. Intentions (goals) are manifested much easier and faster if they are called upon through Nidra. When the body is not in a state of tension (as in a time of stress), everything passes through us more efficiently, i.e. the body absorbs   all that is in our highest goal. Some of the most important advantages of this workshop can be seen in reducing stress, bringing joy to our life, and connecting with our inner self.


Inner Child and Mother healing


To become a healed adult, we should return to the past for a moment, let our inner child say what she has to say and stop punishing her. This is a key step for recovery. The other thing is that we often despise the vulnerability and sensitivity of this child and therefore we grew too fast; we stopped playing and having fun, we stopped being spontaneous and caring (not necessarily responsible). That’s why we turn into grumpy colleagues and bosses, jealous or partners with low self esteem.
Many times we buried the pain of the past. It is no secret that the relationship between our inner child and the difficulties associated with mothers is causal. 

We live in a world that either idealizes or undermines mothers. This culture does not leave much room for mothers to be real human beings with different shades of light and the dark side of personality. Daughters with a “mother wound” are easily triggered by a deep sense of shame or guilt that is caused by acts of the dark side of their mothers.
Sometimes our behavior is hiding how we really feel because we are trying to be good girls to deserve love without seeing that we are emotionally blackmailed.
If we remain unaware of where these feelings and patterns of behavior come from and how to deal with them, we are likely to transfer these patterns to their daughters.
In our hands is the power to finally glorify, admit, and break this chain of broken relationships and attachments in the name of all our female ancestors!
In this workshop we deeply, but gently touch places in us where the relationship with our mothers and our inner child has died and we explore new possibilities of healing.


Yoni sensual ritual


Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the entire vagina (at the physical level) and what is surrounding it: at the energy level. Yoni is the source of life and, as such, the most powerful place in the world – to translate the word itself. People don’t call it “Holy Grail” for nothing. Each Creation – child or idea – begins in our womb, which is part of Yoni. Sometimes we women forget about how important this place is: we call it all kinds of names, feel shame or guilt, or even have trauma related to our Yoni. Yoni becomes insensitive, closes into herself, the libido falls, with it falls creativity; not just for ideas but for creating a new life too.
Maybe we’re sometimes rough with her while we shower, maybe there’s a sense of discomfort when we feel it under our hands or we even refuse to look at it with a mirror.

In this workshop we are connecting with our Yoni on a deeper level: through rituals, breathing techniques and yoni yoga.
This workshop contributes to a healthy relationship with our Yoni, which can be manifested in the healing of emotional pain related to sexual relations, intimacy and femininity. Likewise, in reducing menstrual pain, increased self-confidence, vitality, decreased incontinence and increased overall health in our Yoni area. 


Acceptance, surrender and Unconditional Love

“Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings”. A. Rubinstein 

Through this group workshop, only Love, Love and Love flows. Everyone who resonates with laughter, high vibes, divine music, and who ever wants to give and receive unconditional joy and acceptance for themselves and give it to others too. Feel free to take your two guests with you (men and women) 🙂

Strong trust means engagement, dedication, responsibility, innovation, and ultimately results that exceed expectations. Strong trust brings us success and well-being. When we trust each other, ideas and information flow easily and freely. We are open, creative and we support each other. We will discover that we are happier and more peaceful when we can accept what has happened instead of constantly struggling to change things.
In this workshop, we work with techniques that extend our trust – both towards ourselves and others, and we will perform several exercises to contribute to our flow and acceptance, ie to release what we hold on firmly, and only creates discomfort or suffering.In this workshop, beside the trust exercise, everyone will go thru ANGEL INITIATION, and we will gift each other with OM Divine VIBRATIONS with the intention of balancing male and female energy within us and in the world.



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