Awakening of Woman within

Through the “Awakening of Woman within” program we come to get to know divine part of us. We begin to recognize the values that are desirable in our lives but we still do not live them fully: we promote awareness and learn about spirit-body-mind balance. Likewise, we remind ourselves of our own potential, develop creativity and learn about various effective natural ways of self-help (healing). We study how ancient world cultures lived in harmony with the Great Mother-Nature, and which knowledge and skills did they practice. We learn to recognize the difference between surviving and waiting for something good to happen to us and live our lives fully.

The specific areas we work on are:
Femininity / sensuality / sexuality
Creativity / New Perspectives
Determination / Setting Your Own Boundaries / Confidence
Career / fulfillment and life purpose
Expression of emotion / exploration of repressed fears and/or traumas

Five english individual or group workshops of your choice.

Energy exchange (investment per person): 150USD

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