Welcome and congratulations on your motivation to make progress and a significant change in your life!

Life coaching has the purpose of delivering your highest potential to increase the quality of life, work, value, reach the goals, balance the mind / spirit / body and fulfill your life purpose. We work with highly motivated women like you to develop your own concept of success and happiness. Most clients want to achieve certain goals in order to be able to lead a fullfilled life which is in coaching considered as birthright of each person. Together we will design a plan that suits your needs and wishes. The results may manifest:

  • living in the present moment,
  •  development of self-love,
  • more satisfaction in everyday work,
  • joy, peace, inner guidance
  • many other benefits.

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Through coaching with us, we approach you as a complete Being:

  • we explore together what you are going through,
  • what you forgot long time ago or neglected and wanted to revive, and
  • what you would like to achieve in all aspects of yourself Women – without any TABOO;
  • which fears and patterns hinder best version of yourself but are still present.


Only when we meet and begin to accept all (and the obscure, sometimes dark/shadow) aspects of our own Being can we feel COMPLETE.



Allow me to ask you these questions:

  • do you feel that you are too hard on yourself or others or you consider yourself a perfectionist (you would do it all by yourself rather than delegate?
  • Do you feel guilty or selfish if you treat or spend a lot of money on yourself (and have no problem to do it for your partner or others)?
  • Your relationships don’t turn out the way you want or deserve- or they are simply bland?
  • Are you doing everything that men can do and it still doesn’t make you happy?
  • Are you having it all and still feel that you are missing something?
  • Are you often leaving dramatic situations feeling drained (although you are not personally involved)?
  • Do you feel you want to expand because your skin is feels too tight?
  • Do you dislike your sacred temple – your body – or any part of it?
  • Do you feel that there must be something more from life and love?

If your answer to one or more questions is YES, connect with us 🙂


We are here for you while you are exploring or need support regarding:

  • Your career: what you would like to do, what you love to do, whether you love what you do now, how to make money out of work that fulfills you, how to achieve your goals, etc.
  • Your relationships: with children, partner, friends, associates, boss, money or yourself. What kind of people you would like to be surrounded with, what kind of relationships you would like to establish and keep etc.
  • Your health and wealth: balancing mind-body-spirit. Whatever appears on the body is just manifestation of mental/astral projection. Every emotion is manifesting particular reaction on the body. If we continuously suppress same emotion- there is big probability that particular part of body will start to hurt. Once we recognize it (i.e. become aware of it) we have choice to act different way;
  • any other particular subject or concern you may have, and need support to sort it, take it out or work on it (even when you don’t quite know right now what is going on within you but have a strange feeling that your skin is tight). ♥


Coaching is part of the ” Embodyment of Goddess” program.

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