„Conscious Touch Ritual“

It is scientifically proven that women who have close, TOUCHY relationship with their female friends live longer. Also, if men have touchy relationship with female person in their lives, they LIVE LONGER. Touch is the most powerful mean of communication.

Conscious Touch is two and half hours* ritual where you gradually build up refined sensitivity. You rediscover new meaning of INTIMACY, LOVE and SURRENDER. You also re-learn SETTING BOUNDARIES without guilt.

It is a FEAST for all senses: numbness decreases and after few rituals you can TASTE more. PERCEIVE more. HEAR better. SMELL more distinctively. SEE more clearly. Living becomes more EXTRAORDINARY. Why?

Because we do not recognize only macro but micro sensations also. Because we stop for a moment: between inhale and exhale. We begin to read between the lines- with our skin; with our hair. Everything there is more subtle; but more powerful. A new universe resides there! Any (even the finest!) touch, turns everything into COLLATERAL BEAUTY.
Nothing can be hidden; the subconscious mind is always awake, but we don’t pay attention to the periphery of our mind but only to that loud (often false) part. We learned to live in “gross reality” where there is no place to feel the grain of dust on the skin, feeling what is happening to the internal organs (until sometimes unfortunately is too late) or a sense for intuitive ride to the destination. Through “Conscious touch” we are awakening: we are able to feel disappearing of the blockages; SUSPENDED SOURCE OF ENERGY is FREE TO FLOW again. The subconscious mind is cleansed of impurities (energy stoppers) so we can live a deeper life. The Conscious Touch contains elements of Tantra: it is based on the principle of “the art of living” which includes all aspects of the human being.

The “Conscious Touch Ritual” individual workshop consists of meditation with intention, intuitive touch of the facilitator. You have opportunity to savor all kinds of intensity and variation of tastes and scents, sounds and vibrations of Tibetan bowls and various details to recall the feeling of real PLEASURE of Life.
“Conscious Touch Ritual” is part of the ” Embodyment of Goddess” program. It is also possible to book a single appointment (individual investment is 180$).

*2 and a half hours is optimal time. Session duration might vary slightly- depending on what is happening with a person at the given moment.

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