Embodyment of Goddess

Through the “Embodyment of Goddess” -apart from the benefits that we get through the “Awakening the Woman within” program- we are able to gain profound and magical experience of determined, kind, self-confident Creatrix of our own Life – at all levels! We realize that the synchronicities we are experiencing are no longer synchronicities, but we are invoking them with our attitude, intention and intuition.

This program is an investment for a lifetime: things we buy may be thrown away after a while, but what we hear, experience and learn here, we no longer forget – it remains with us forever. Once we feel how magnificent and full of life we are, we will always return to the eternal power of wisdom and beauty – that divine part of us. We do not need to look for it any more- we only need to summon it up.

When we work together, miracles happen <3

This program includes:


Duration of the Program: 12-16 weeks.

Energy exchange (investment per person): 990USD

*This program also provides the privilege of various discounts for one-day seminars and retreats.

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