Feminine in Business

One-day workshop “How influential are you?”

Yes, although we think we have an influence, how much are we actually influential? When we remove our title and status, all the money from bank account, all the properties and when we take our suit&tie off: only then we get the pure and honest answer about how much one IS influential person. HAVING influence means action. BEING influential person implicates state (of influence) i.e. being. Influence has an essential role in all spheres of our lives: in all kinds of relationships; work, success, events, reasons for experiencing stress, beliefs, behaviors etc.

In this workshop we discover how influential we are, the seven major aspects of influence and what aspects we would like to develop to finally experience a-ha! a moment when we talk about how to be an influential person and get what we really wish from life. Therefore, we continue to live our lives with more quality: we ameliorate our behavior patterns, the body language, the tone of speech, we feel and display feeling of security. Self-confidence. Determination.

Participants of the “Merging of Goddesses and Woman” program are entitled to 60$ discount. The minimum number of participants for this workshop is 5 people. Please email us if you would like to attend this one-day workshop.

If you are interested in organizing this workshop within your company, please send us an inquiry. In case there are seven (up to 15 people per seminar), you also get 60$ discount per person.
The investment includes all materials, and one individual coaching session after workshop (please contact us to set the appointment).
Investment per person: 330$

“If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your words.” Yogi Bhajan






Half-day workshop “Money Goddess”

Money is energy just like any other, and the relationship we have with money is a mirror of how we feel about it. Sometimes the blockages and aversion we have towards money (and the people who have it) are old and go over several generations. What stands in our way to have more money and why (often subconsciously) we think we do not deserve more money or we resent those who have it? Why there is never enough of it or why are we constantly in debt? Why we are not able to charge for our services the amount we think we should?

These are just some of the topics we access in this workshop, and we discover the possible solutions that attract money and create a healthy relationship with money and thus a positive change in your bank account.

If you are interested in this workshop, please send us an email. We will notify you of the exact date of running this workshop.
The investment includes all materials, and an hour of individual coaching after the workshop (please contact us to set the appointment).

Investment per person: 99$