Private luxurious retreat

Private luxurious retreat is a perfect opportunity to put together your dream destination, private coaching, workshops and rituals, leisure activities and many exciting surprises on our side that will enchant you, challenge you and expand horizons about yourself and others beyond your imagination!

This is the time when all that you hold inside – your desires, fears, frustrations, anger, hopes can finally come out without any restrictions. This is the place where you don’t need to play ANY ROLE but just being yourself! This is a place you come back to everyday life feeling more ECSTATIC, with more CONTENTMENT, even more PEACE and CLARITY. With your body, soul and mind truly NOURISHED. You RADIATE BEAUTY, HIGH VIBRATION, and you feel like GODDESS!

Life is a miraculous adventure, and after this experience you will never forget it again!

It is possible to arrange this Retreat for you and another woman together. These are just some suggestions of destinations: Tuscany, Bali, Switzerland, Chile, Laos, Croatia, New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, Norway, Brazil, Alaska, South Africa or cruise on a ship that supports this kind of activity.

The investment depends on destination and arrangement you choose.

Please contact us for more information.