There are some new and exciting projects in preparation so that you can prosper and grow even more!

Nude yoga:

our body is a divine instrument through which we can feel the whole set of experiences and sensations. They say, the first people walked in the garden were naked and didn’t feel shy or ashamed; shame only appeared when they “sinned” … When we love our body and connect to it, we feel comfortable in our skin only. We can move limitlessly. In this workshop, we practice how to get closer to our body (our Temple, which we reside in 24/7) through yoga usually performed in the center – without clothes.

One-day seminar: “Creating the life I want and deserve”

Why can’t we have it all? The experience has shown that the reason is probably because we prefer to see obstacles or we don’t know for sure what we really want.

In this workshop, through concrete steps and questions:

  • we recognize the obstacles in everyday life (which are mainly located in our subconscious and we must “dig deeper”)
  • we remove the last obstacles to our ultimate success (in any area) and everything that matters to us
  • we develop the steps essential to our Most Significant Leap
  • we go through the process of our Most Significant Leap
  • we learn to live in our Genius

Workshop “The Anger Room”

Many of us have been raised with the feeling of shame or guilt about “negative” emotions like rage, anger or similar. However, no one told us that these emotions should not be suppressed. And so they settled in our bodies – for years, decades. As adults, every time someone tells something that acts as a “trigger” for anger, we (mostly unconsciously) raise the tone or react more strongly. In this workshop we specifically focus on those feelings of anger or similar ones and we have the opportunity (this time) to deliberately release the same in an appropriate and for anger equipped space.

“Body painting” creative workshop

Body painting is an art that is created to transform the human body into everything in the mind of the one who is picturing it: the artist is melting and shaping the lines of the body and the structure of the skin with carefully conceived designs and colors. Body painting is expressed in the finest possible way, encouraging wide imagination in the eyes of the observer. Body painting has the power to inspire, make into reality the greatest fantasies and open the door to other worlds. It shows what mankind is capable of making and becoming in a very congenial and analog way.

Fire element ritual

Fire is the only element in nature that can not be polluted. That’s why it cleans absolutely everything: all that we don’t need and we are ready to clean and release. We can fill our bodies with the fire. Fire can render us relief. This ritual will be held outside the center (the location will be advised post hoc).


We introduce various interesting guests from all areas who support the mission and vision of our Center.


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