With us you have the opportunity to nurture your entire Being – your Complete Woman.

Allow me to ask you these questions:

  • do you feel that you are too hard on yourself or others or you consider yourself a perfectionist (you would do it all by yourself rather than delegate?
  • Do you feel guilty or selfish if you treat or spend a lot of money on yourself (and have no problem to do it for your partner or others)?
  • Your relationships don’t turn out the way you want or deserve- or they are simply bland?
  • Are you doing everything that men can do and it still doesn’t make you happy?
  • Are you having it all and still feel that you miss something?
  • Are you often leaving dramatic situations feeling drained (although you are not personally involved)?
  • Do you feel you want to expand because your skin is feels too tight?
  • Do you dislike your sacred temple – your body – or any part of it?
  • Do you feel that there must be something more from life and love?

If your answer to one or more questions is YES, connect with us 🙂


Femina Divina is a place where we can achieve many benefits together and where we remember:

⦁ how to balance the mind, body, and spirit and be more in harmony with nature for the purpose of higher quality of life

⦁ how to be in our creative, feminine energy to make our wishes and your heart desires come true, and how we balance male and female energy

⦁ which feminine archetypes we lack in order to feel more complete and more powerful

⦁ how to be successful and achieve (personal and business) goals regardless of the industry we are working in

⦁ how we achieve what we want with what we have and where we are, and how we create a sense of gratitude for everything we have and everything we are

⦁ how to release drama, stress and the role of a victim that makes us helpless and does not allow us to achieve our dreams and heart desires

⦁ what to do when we feel exhausted so that we do not completely burn out

⦁ why and how to better understand intuition and how to rely on it better

⦁ why responsibility is the key to every true transformation and how to take responsibility for ourselves, our lives, our thoughts and processes in a way that doesn’t limit us but instead rejuvenates; lightly and freely

⦁ how to identify our blockages and fears, their roots (causes), and how to release them

⦁ why free flow and letting go are much easier way of life and what are the ways to enter the flow and surrender

⦁ and many other little things that make big difference ♥ see more in coaching section

Anita Lepan – Founder of Femina Divina

Anita completed Life Coaching training at the CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in Dubai, Silva Method seminar in Zagreb and she is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). During the time she was traveling intensively, she finished the course and volunteered as the first psychological aid provider for crew in air traffic crises. She was gathering knowledge and was experiencing her own transformations and healing through various experiences: Vipassana meditations, shaman rituals in Peru, Tantra courses, and so on. She is holding Master Degree in Applied Psychology from Middlesex of London University (Dubai) and was initiated in Mystical Femininity (rituals, sacred dance and customs) in the Divine Feminine tradition while she was living in Bali.

Anita is born as dreamer. She is awareness and femininity coach and part of the Sistership Circle for Feminine Leaders. She likes to see laughter. She enjoys traveling, conversations about metaphysics and reading. Anita is fascinated by exotic animals, dawn, the smell of Palo Santo, orchids, Rumi’s poems, night sky and the sound of gongs. She loves Matcha tea, bandannas, Buddha bar music, back scratch, kissing, Royce chocolate and double entendre (jokes). Likewise, she likes food from her own garden, huge metal earrings, pressing the rubber buttons and scent of books.

Femina Divina is the result of years of learning and experience about the oldest world traditions and also psychology as science. The project is initiated by founder and inspired by many women around the world with whom Anita has been in contact over the years: she has a strong urge to approach them as a woman, sister and someone who is there for them – no matter what’s happening in their life: to offer compassion or come as a challenge for those who want to get to know themselves deeper. Femina Divina is the place where each of us feels at home: safe and completely accepted. A place where we have the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other. The place where we get filled with energy – either through workshops, touch, word or silence.

The biggest project you will ever work on is YOU.

The time came when Woman is awakened from thousands of years long sleep: we yearn to connect with our own Being on a deeper level and see that each of us come from the same source – although we are all different, we are connected by our desire: to feel Pure Love.

We are located in the very center of Zagreb city (Vodnikova). If you live outside of Zagreb or Croatia and would like to be part of this circle of women, contact us- we can certainly find the solution : )

The wish of the facilitator is that each of us takes the best out of ourselves and for ourselves during the time spent in the center; dress code can help us in that. If the dress code of the workshop is not otherwise emphasized due to its nature, wear or take with you the clothes that makes you feel as Goddess and you feel the most comfortable in. In the center you can not be over-dressed ; )

Terms of Use

Smoking is not allowed in the center’s premises (or inside the building – if applicable) where we are located. Thank you for respecting it.

Coaching, or any other individual or group workshop, is not counseling or psychotherapy and does not replace the treatment or use of medicaments and the necessity of consulting with a physician. Individual and group coaching workshops are intended for people who are considered healthy, ready for personal transformations and know how to cope with the emotions that may occur during the coaching process. If we estimate that at this stage of life you are not yet ready for the major changes that may result from your participation in the activities and programs by Femina Divina, we will thank you for your trust and kindliness, and will be forced to terminate our relationship for the sake of your well-being. If it is possible, we will suggest you different ways to consider your circumstances.

We also ask you kindly to come to the group workshops and other group events in time to be able to relax and receive the most you can and to respect other participants who have come with the same intention.

If you are for some reason unable to come for the individual workshop session, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. The session will be deemed as used otherwise. Thanks for respecting your and also our time.

The Center reserves the right to change the subject of the workshops and their timings.

If you wish to upgrade from “Awakening the Goddess within” program to “Merging of Goddess and Woman” program, please contact us. Right now, we are not able to offer the change from “Merging of Goddess and Woman” to “Awakening the Goddess within” program. Thank you for your understanding.

The photos and texts on this page are the property of the site’s author. Some photos can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet and are used in compliance with the general terms of use. Content may only be used with the permission of the author referencing the source. Thank you for respecting the author’s work.

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