"When we educate a man, we educated a man. When we educate a woman, we educated a generation." Brigham Young

Our mission and vision are that each of us during this short time we are on Earth spends discovering our unique gifts and contribute to the evolution of humanity - to love ourselves and others fiercely. For this purpose, we have created activities and programs to remember how important, powerful and loved you are!

"Awakening the Woman within" Program

Through the “Awakening the Woman within” program, we are getting to know our divine, eternal part of ourselves.

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The "Embodyment of Goddess" program

Through the “Embodyment of Goddess” (apart from the benefits we get through “Awakening the Woman within” program) we gain the profound and magical experience of becoming determined, kind, self-confident Creatrix of our Life - at all levels!

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Private Luxury Retreat

Private luxury retreat is a perfect opportunity to combine a trip to your dream destination, private coaching and rituals, ...

Life is a spectacular adventure and after this experience you will never forget that again!

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Here you can see the workshops.

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Feminine in Business

One-day workshop "How influential are you?"

Half-day workshop "Money Goddess"

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"Conscious Touch ritual"

Touch is the most powerful form of communication.

... During the ritual we gradually build a sophisticated sensibility. We re-discover the meaning of INTIMACY, COMPLETE LOVE, and SURRENDER. We also remember where our boundaries are and how to set them without feeling guilt...

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... Through life coaching with us, we approach you as a complete Being: together we explore what you are going through, what you once forgot or neglected and wanted to revive and what you would like to achieve in all aspects of yourself as a Woman - without any TABOO…

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